Cargo Jeans

Made of hard-wearing fabrics and rugged stitches, cargo jeans are loose-cut pants that are designed for outdoor activities and are characterized by its several pockets. Loose-fitted in the knee and hip area with felled seams, these jeans allow increased movement and bending making it perfect pieces to wear in extreme activities. They also feature oversized loops for belts that can accommodate wide-webbed belts. This type of pants is also famous for their cargo pockets that come in the form of patch pockets. It is put on hold by a flap that can be buttoned, snapped, or Velcro-ed and it also has accordion folds that allow increased capacity.

Cargo jeans have been in the fashion mainstream since the 90s. It was in 1930s when British soldiers have first worn these pants. It was a part of their Battle Dress Uniform. Originally, it only features two pockets, one on the thigh area, and another on the front hip area. It was then incorporated in the uniforms of American soldiers in the 1940s. These were designed with side pockets and were worn by American paratroopers to hold their radios and ammunition. It was during the mid-to-late 1990s, when they were introduced into the fashion mainstream. They were first worn by urban hip-hop performers. Later on, more details and embellishments were added to cargo jeans making it staple pieces in any guys wardrobe. Nowadays, these mens cargo pants are not only worn for protection but also because they provide storage, easy access, versatility, and functionality.

Aside being favorite casual garments for men, a wide assortment of cargo pants for women is also in the market. Usually slimmer in fit, there also cropped versions for it, usually knee-length. These cargo pants come in softer fabrics and lighter colors. Instead of a button, they usually come with a ribbon trim or a drawstring. They also have added accents and embellishments for a dose of feminine touch. Cargo jeans also come in different materials. Myriads of fashion designers from Paris, Milan and even New York have made their take on these classic trends and made variations for it.

There are denim cargo jeans, corduroy cargo jeans, and more. Wrangler cargo jeans were known for its hard-wearing fabrics. Ralph Lauren even came up with silk cargo pants during his 1998 fashion show. Paired with high heels, the silk pants were instant crowd favorites. Cargo pants also come in different styles. From the well-loved ankle-length pants, cargo shorts and cargo skirts were also designed and created out of the same soft cotton fabrics used for cargo jeans.

Versatile, functional, and fashionable, Wrangler cargo pants are sure staples in anyones wardrobe. Whether it will be for outdoor activities, picnics, barbecues, and informal gatherings; you can suit yourself up in these comfortable pieces of clothing that you will surely love!